Hadoop, Big Data & SQL – TripAdvisor’s Story…

UPDATE – This meeting is being postponed, replaced with the Andy Leonard SSIS Presentation. We will update you when this one is rescheduled (likely July, August or September)

Big Data, Hadoop and Hive.. You keep hearing those words, right? What do they mean? In this interactive talk Don O’Neill from TripAdvisor.com and Mike Walsh will take you through how TripAdvisor uses Hadoop to manage their “Big Data”. We’ll show you how SQL Server fits into this architecture and get you a live and interactive view of managing and working within Hadoop & Hive.

Session Details

Big Data is a term applied to data with a size such that commonly used tools are unable to capture, manage, and process it within a tolerable elapsed time. Big Data sizes are a constantly moving target, currently ranging from a few dozen terabytes to many petabytes of data in a single set.

In this talk we will discuss how web sites such as TripAdvisor use Hadoop and associated projects — like Hive, Oozie, and Sqoop — combined with SQL Server. These tools provide data warehouse teams with the ability to process vast amounts of log information, the prominent source of “Big Data.” The talk will also cover how we integrate with SQL Server for end-user reporting, as well as some of the challenges with working with these new and bleeding-edge projects. And, believe it or not, TripAdvisor does this all with a team of just three engineers.


Don O’Neill is the Senior Director of Engineering, Operations and Infrastructure at TripAdvisor, overseeing the company’s software, hardware and networking infrastructure and operations, and planning and executing its scalability strategy. Don has eighteen years’ experience in Software Development mostly on the Microsoft platform. Don has a Masters degree in Software Engineering from Brandeis University.

Mike Walsh is a SQL Server consultant and MVP. He is helping TripAdvisor out offering some SQL Server expertise and has been able to get his hands dirty in the Hadoop and Hive side. He’s helped TripAdvisor with their data strategy and is having a lot of fun rolling around in the Big Data.

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