June 26 – Warren Estes – Powershell, it’s not just for sysadmins anymore!

Dates: 05/16/2017 - 06/30/2017 Dates: 05/16/2017 - 06/30/2017

Join us at the Alpha Loft in Manchester, NH for (RSVP):

Powershell, it’s not just for sysadmins anymore! 


Are you tired of doing things the hard way? Are you still using sp_help_revlogin to migrate those pesky logins? In this session I will cover the basics of the IDE, cmdlets, syntax, piping, SMO and installing modules. Using real world examples I’ll show you the versatility of this powerful scripting language. By the end of this session you’ll see why database professionals should all be utilizing Powershell to gain insightful knowledge, and power, over their environment

About Warren

Senior Database Administrator, Eagle Investment Systems

A senior database administrator with wide variety of experience in SQL Server and development in VB, C# and PoSh.


6:00-6:30 – Networking
6:30-6:45 – Announcements
6:45-8:00 – Feature Presentation
8:00-9:00 – Discussion & Networking

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